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2018 ATB Silver Coins

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2018 5oz ATB Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Silver Coin (BU)

2018 5oz ATB Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Silver Coin (BU)

 2018 5oz ATB Voyageurs National Park Silver Coin (BU)

2018 5oz ATB Cumberland Island National Seashore Silver Coin (BU)

2018 5oz ATB Block Island National Wildlife Refuge Silver Coin (BU)

2018 America The Beautiful Silver Coins

The coins in the 2018 ATB Silver Collection focus on various shorelines throughout the United States.  Whether it’s the national seashore in Georgia or the vast coastlines of the Great Lakes chain, the 2018 America the Beautiful Coins feature some of the most beautiful shorelines and ecosystems in the United States.  The 2018 ATB Silver Series includes the following:

  • Michigan: The 2018 Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is the first release of 2018 and highlights the beauty of the US National Lakeshore along the banks of Lake Superior on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The park gets its name from the colorful sandstone cliffs near Munising, Michigan which reach as high as 200 feet above the lake. Within these rocks, you’ll find a variety of shallow caves, arches, and formations that resemble figures including castle turrets and human figures.
  • Wisconsin: Apostle Islands National Lake Shire coin. Set along 69,372 acres of shoreline and 21 islands, the Apostle Islands are on the northern tip of Wisconsin and include a collection of historic lighthouses, sandstone sea caves, and some of the oldest old-growth remnant forests in the US.
  • Minnesota: The 2018 Voyageurs National Park coin. The park is in the far northern reaches of Minnesota near the town of International Falls, which itself sits just across the border from Canada. The park was named for the French-Canadian fur traders who voyaged through the waterways of Minnesota and lower Canada. Much of the park is only accessible via boat during the summer, with cross-country skiing and snowshoeing popular with winter visitors.
  • Georgia: The only national seashore in the collection, the 2018 Cumberland Island National Seashore coin is a park in southern Georgia along the Atlantic coast which preserves most of Cumberland Island, Georgia, which is the largest of the Golden Isles in the state. Cumberland Island National Seashore has a dense diversity of coastal flora and fauna, with some 23 distinct ecological communities.
  • Rhode Island: The 2018 Block Island National Wildlife Refuge is the fifth and final release in 2018. This coin celebrates the vital habitat for wildlife, particularly migratory birds, that exists offshore on picturesque Block Island. More than 70 species of migratory songbirds visit the island each fall.
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