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Silver Bars and Rounds
If you love modern silver bullion coins, but don’t prefer the higher premiums associated with silver bullion coins from mints around the globe, you have another option. Silver bars and rounds are available primarily from private mints in the United States and around the world. Silver bars and rounds have no face value, are not struck by sovereign mints, and hold no legal tender status. The benefit is that silver bars and rounds may be produced in unlimited quantities in order to keep up with the demand of collectors and investors.

Below are a few examples of the silver rounds available through Arch City Bullion.

Fractional Silver Rounds: Unlike most silver coins, silver rounds are available in fractional weights as well as 1 oz weights. In most cases, fractional silver rounds feature representations of historic American coin designs. Available options include the Buffalo Nickel design, Walking Liberty design, and the Morgan Silver Dollar design.

There are a number of Silver coins for sale around the world today. Examples include the following coin programs, which are made available each year from their respective mints:

American Silver Eagle: Launched in 1986 by the United States Mint, it is the official silver bullion coin of America and features the iconic Walking Liberty design on its obverse face as created in 1916 by Adolph A. Weinman.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf: The official silver bullion of Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint introduced in 1988. It was the first silver coin produced, and remains one of the few, that used .9999 pure silver content. You’ll find greater variety in the Silver Maple Leaf Series, with privy-mark coins available and unique series such as the Wild Canada collection.

Australian Silver Bullion: The Perth Minth is Australia’s oldest mint. Perth Mint coins enjoy legal tender status through the Currency Act of 1965, and the facility is owned by the state government of Western Australia. Available coins in the collection include Lunar Series II coins, Silver Koalas, Silver Kookaburras, and Silver Kangaroos to mention a few.

British Silver Bullion: Produced by the Royal Mint of England, the Silver Britannia is the nation’s official bullion coin and was introduced in 1998 with the iconic image of Britannia. A national symbol in Britain, Britannia watches over the island nation’s shores to defend against invaders. The newer Silver Queen’s Beast collection features the nation’s first-ever 2 oz silver bullion in a 10-design series.

Mexican Silver Libertad: Mexico’s official silver bullion issue, the Silver Libertad coin has a design taken from Mexican history that dates back two centuries. First used during Mexico’s revolution against Spain in the 1820s, Winged Victory appeared on Mexican coinage first in the gold Centenario.

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